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My music education began with violin at the age of 4.  I played in a youth ensemble that would occasionally perform.  Violin would quickly become my main focus and took up a lot of my time as a kid.  I attended Manhattan School of Music Prepatory in middle school.  

Everything changed when I picked up guitar in high school.  I played in some bands but was mostly obsessive about figuring out the licks and chords to my favorite tunes.  I remember being entranced by the fingerpicking style.  This is around the time that I had begun singing.  I had always sang, but I remember starting to really give it an effort and becoming more confident in the sound of my own voice.

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I had taken a departure from music in college to pursue a degree in graphic design.  I never stopped playing, but music had taken a backseat to art assignments and all the rigors that come with an undergrad lifestyle, academic and otherwise.  But my art student life was short lived.  I dropped out after 2 years and moved to NYC to work and figure out my life.  I started taking some music classes in 2003 for voice and guitar.  It’s then that I met Kevin Burke who was my first formal voice instructor.  I had mentioned to him that I intended to apply to New School University as a guitar major.  Kevin convinced me that I had a real shot as a singer.  Shortly afterward, I was accepted to the program as a vocalist.  While at NSU, I had the honor and pleasure of studying with Amy London, Janet Lawson, Jay Clayton, Junior Mance, and Billie Harper.

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jeff kay singing mastery.jpg

A few years had passed since I graduated from NSU and I found myself bartending and paying the bills but sadly, there was no music in my life.  In the summer 2011, I formed a folk-rock band called The Gantry with one of my bar regulars.  I got to stretch out as a lead guitarist and did backing vocals.  We hustled in the NYC music scene, becoming regular fixtures at Arlene’s, Pianos, rockwood, mercury lounge, eventually performing 2 shows at the Bowery Ballroom.  I cut my teeth on those stages and went on 2 independently funded tours that included performances at Campfire Fest, SXSW, CBGB Fest, and Music Fest.   During my time in the band, I learned the process of shaping a song.  I developed a sense of managing, booking, branding and all the things that go into making a passion project into an actual, working band.  

After we broke up The Gantry, I felt a strong desire to get back into singing.  In the fall of 2018, I began paying music every day with the goal of getting myself back in “performance shape”.