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We are currently designing the curriculum and the student/teacher interface for the method.  Among many things, the method has a series of coordinations that teachers will have to show proficiency in to become a certified teacher.

We will provide you with practice materials, and you can train with one of the instructors to prep for the test from anywhere in the world. More information will be coming soon. Teachers will be trained in the order of who reaches out first so email us at ASAP if you are considering participating in our second wave of teachers. We will be finishing our first wave of teacher certification May 2018.

Once you become a certified teacher you will: 

  • Have complete competency to train any voice type and ability level by applying the techniques of the multi-style vocal method. 

  • Have access to the app and membership website for students, teachers and educational organizations. This website provides a thorough platform to track the students progress and makes growth tangible and fun. It is the same platform used by all of The Singing Mastery vocal instructors.

  • Have your own regular private studio development coaching sessions to help find new students, and build your business wherever you are in the world.

  • Have access to over a hundred teacher training videos to help trouble shoot your students vocal problems.

  • be able to join the The Singing Mastery  teacher forum where you can post your questions to the community of other teachers trained in this method.

  • Be able to attend regular teacher training seminars in New York City/Tri-State area with Tim and his local staff.

  • Have the option to allow us to do your scheduling and student invoicing for you.

  • Gain assistance in building a web presence and vibrant social media community.

  • and so much more!